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Bigfoot Lacrosse

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Bigfoot Lacrosse Player Ratings

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The Favorite of 2 Players Rated 7.3out of 10

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Player Reviews of Bigfoot Lacrosse


Summary of Player Reviews (4)

Overall = 5.00 Service = 5.00 Website = 3.25 Prices = 4.50

Player Reviews

 Happy Lax mom (1 Reviews) 04/06/08
"Simply the best in the NW"
I take my son, who lives north of Seattle, to Bigfoot whenever he comes to visit me, east of Vancouver, WA. He has always found exactly what he was looking for. The staff is knowledgeable and obviously like what they're doing at Bigfoot. The shooting cage is bomb too. :-)
 ladylaxer (1 Reviews) 12/15/06
"Very kind"
They had a location down in Eugene, Oregon which is give or take 2 hours south of Portland, Oregon. It didn't have a large space, but it made you feel like you were visiting a friend. The staff was always more than willing to help me with what ever I needed. Sad to say they shut down the location here. So I will be making trips up to Portland and get to see that shin dig.
 JT (1 Reviews) 12/09/06
"New store better than ever "
The new store front is awesome. With the shooting cage space, "stringing bar", tvs with games on, and chill atmosphere combined with freindly and knowledgeable staff it is better than it has ever been. Good job Foot!
 PDXLAXFAN (1 Reviews) 02/27/06
"Knowledgeable and helpful staff"
If you live west of Portland, Oregon (home of the new Lumberjax NLL expansion team!) Bigfoot is your only option for a full service lacrosse store. Jon and his staff are extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. Then are always willing to help those new to the sport pick out the right equipment. They have a large selection for such a small space and a second store in Eugene means that they can get it from there if you need it.
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