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Great Atlantic Lacrosse

Great Atlantic Lacrosse is not a member of LaxShopper's Team of Lacrosse Retailers.
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Please encourage them to go here to express interest in joining the team.


Great Atlantic Lacrosse Player Ratings

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The Favorite of 3 Players Rated 7.9out of 10

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Player Reviews of Great Atlantic Lacrosse


Summary of Player Reviews (4)

Overall = 3.00 Service = 2.25 Website = 2.50 Prices = 3.50

Player Reviews

 laxboy (1 Reviews) 04/06/12
"Very good"
I think is a great online store. They ship fast and so far there customer service has been great. What they do need is an actual store in the Raleigh area. There isn't one store here and most kids would rather try out the stuff. You are putting Dicks Sporting goods in the drivers seat. Lets go
 boop (1 Reviews) 01/17/09
"Rip off clothing"
I bought a Brine hoody from there that looks completely off kilter. It has the Great Atlantic logo slanting to the left and off center. No one would design this because it looks really like a big mistake, not cool sideways. They said it was designed that way? But they offered me ten bucks? Was this a manufacturer defect that they are passing on to the customer? Somebody got ripped off and they think that can sell a bunch of really dumb looking hoodys to the customer and tell them that was supposed to look that way. Their photo on the web doesn't look like this unless you look closely and there is no mention of it in the write up. How weird!!!!
 The Laxer (1 Reviews) 01/12/09
Okay so this is the superstore of lacrosse right? WRONG they have a great selection don't get me wrong, but there service is the worst I have seen in a while. They charge a awful lot for shipping and takes a long time.
 tim (1 Reviews) 12/01/06
"OK Store"
They have pretty good prices, but slow employes that don't seem to know what any of the equipment is.
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