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Goalie Box Pads

Product Ratings
by Player Votes
 #1  Boddam Leg Guards - Cat 3
 #2  Boddam 9500 Chest Protector
 #3  STX Pro Chest Protector - Cat 3
 #4  Boddam Leg Guards - Cat 2
 #5  Boddam 7500 Chest Protector
 #6  Boddam Extreme Flex Chest Protector
 #7  Boddam Box Pants
 #8  STX Gladiator Chest Protector
 #9  STX Pro Leg Guards - Cat 3
 #10  STX Pro Pants
Player Favorites
by Player Votes
 #1  Boddam Leg Guards - Cat 2
 #2  Boddam 9500 Chest Protector
 #3  Boddam Leg Guards - Cat 3
 #4  Warrior MPG Box Goalie Shin Guards
 #5  Boddam 5500 Chest Protector
 #6  Boddam 6500 Chest Protector
 #7  Boddam 7500 Chest Protector
 #8  Boddam Box Pants
 #9  Boddam Extreme Flex Chest Protector
 #10  STX Pro Pants
Popularity Ratings
Determined by Hits
 #1  Boddam Leg Guards - Cat 3
 #2  Warrior MPG Box Goalie Shin Guards
 #3  Boddam 9500 Chest Protector
 #4  Boddam 5500 Chest Protector
 #5  Boddam 7500 Chest Protector
 #6  Boddam Extreme Flex Chest Protector
 #7  Warrior MPG Box Goalie Guard
 #8  Boddam Leg Guards - Cat 2
 #9  STX Pro Leg Guards - Cat 3
 #10  Boddam Box Pants

Box Pads

Boddam 9500 Chest Protector

Boddam 9500 Chest Protector Description: MADE FOR BOX LACROSSE. Largest legal upper for box lacrosse. Almost 2 lbs. lighter than the 2007 model. Molded wing suppor keeps shoulder tall and wide. High density 8/100 foam construction. Multi-section articulating belly. Belly pad wraps and flows with the natural movement of the goaltender. Fully adjustable elbow system protects the arm and provides stability for the larger arm floaters. New wrist lock downs offer more glove control. New contruction methods improve weigth distribution and balance. Full back and kidney protectors keep the ball off the body. An eight piece arcticulated sectional belly, complete with built in anti-shock cardio system, gives maximum protection, while conforming to your stance and always stays square. Our unique shoulder wing is the base for our “big look” while allowing for a full range of motion that you demand. Complete 180-degree motion with the helmet and neck guard in place. The arm, elbow and wrist design allows a full range of motion, with complete wrap around protection covering the inside and outside eliminating any exposure. Fully adjustable so you can custom fit it to you. Approved by the National Lacrosse League, Canadian Lacrosse League and the Ontario Lacrosse League and currently in use by leagues across North America.
CLA Category 3 equipment standard.

Sizes: Regular


9500 Chest Protector Player Ratings

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Manufacturer Information

Boddam Boddam Lacrosse
Alton, Ontario
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