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Mens Shafts

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 #4  STX Katana
 #5  Nike Zoom
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 #10  1 Lacrosse Cutter C155
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Popularity Ratings
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 #1  Gait Ice
 #2  Gait Silencer
 #3  Nike Vandal
 #4  Warrior Kryptolyte 11
 #5  1 Lacrosse Cutter C155
 #6  Tribe7 Element7 Ti-Scan
 #7  Brine Swizzle Scandium
 #8  Brine SC21 Scandium
 #9  STX Surgeon Sc-Ti
 #10  1 Lacrosse Cutter


Harrow I-Beam

Harrow I-Beam Description: This high grade carbon shaft is coated with rubberized paint for a comfortable grip.
A tapered stress flex offers increased sensitivity throughout the stick.
The stress flex point placed within the shaft maximizes power when passing and shooting.
Colors: Forest Green, Maroon, Black, Red, Blue

Sizes: Att/Mid


I-Beam Player Ratings

What is it Rated? How Much Interest? A Player Favorite?
Rated 8.4 out of 10 15.4% of Most Popular Item The Favorite of 6 Players

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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
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Harrow I-Beam Price List

$85.00 Link Not Financed Harrow Sports 7.4 Rating by 5 Players



I-Beam Player Reviews

Value 1
 Lax2.0 (1 Reviews) 05/11/08
I had two kids on my team who have this shaft. In the same game both of them broke in the exact same spot. People say they don't break, BUT THEY DO wright where it tappers in.
Value 4
 davethelaxer (1 Reviews) 06/03/07
"Nice Shaft"
I bought an I-beam about a year ago and was very impressed by the appearance. Once the season started and I began to use it every day the paint chipped off quite frequently. Mine broke, but harrow has a one year warranty on their sticks, so I was able to get a replacement. So would say go for it if you're thinking about getting one, just don't be too rough on it.
Value 4
 rastafarian (3 Reviews) 05/23/07
"good stick"
this shaft is solid. its pretty light weight and very durable (I play hs jv). the purpose of this shaft is to bend a tiny bit when you through, but I don't think it fulfills its dream. It's a very good stick, although I would recommend the howitzer, great buy on this baby
Value 1
 Grant McG. (1 Reviews) 05/11/07
"It was a horrible shaft"
I had the shaft for about 3 months and it broke toward the end of the season. It chipped everywhere and it finally snapped toward the top. It was an extremely weak stick and I would not recommend it to anybody else who even plans on checking.
Value 4
 CRAZYLAX (1 Reviews) 04/24/07
"a little bit too weak"
I had my i beam for about 1 month. I got it for my birthday right before the season started. it shattered in about the first 20 minutes of the first game in the season. I do not recommend them at all.
Value 5
 Jack Zeller (4 Reviews) 03/25/07
"Awsome (breaks to much)"
The stick is great! Its light easy to handle but it will shatter a lot.Don't buy it on your very first year.
Value 2
 Coop (3 Reviews) 03/07/07
"Forget About It"
Expensive...these shafts break to easily for what your paying. The rubberized paint comes off easily. If you want a shaft similar to this but is better go with a Brine python. Its got the same paint (this type of paint chips off very easily)
Value 4
 MU#7 (1 Reviews) 05/27/06
"okay stick for youth lax"
this shaft is not worth your money if you are in high school/college lacrosse because its light but in the flex point its so weak and a hard hit there will cause your stick to break so if you play youth lacrosse(13 and under)it would be a great stick.
Value 5
 Matt Ferren (3 Reviews) 05/19/06
"Great shaft"
This is one of the greatest shafts that I have ever played with. It is very light and the grip is great because you don't need tape. A far as I can tell, the flex point doesn't do anything for your shot but it does help with cradling.
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Manufacturer Information

Harrow Harrow Lacrosse
Denver, Colorado
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